April 14, 2014

Vintage Beer Dinner at Le Pigeon w/ Hair of the Dog

It’s been a whirlwind month and I’ve been seriously lagging on keeping  the website up to date. My apologies.

I did want to post some photos from the Vintage Beer Dinner with Hair of the Dog Brewing at Le Pigeon in Portland, OR. This was the first beer dinner I’ve had the privilege to help host and it was an absolute blast. As you beer geeks know, Alan Sprints at Hair of the Dog is the master when it comes to crafting cellar-worthy beers.  Between decades of work and a special knack at picking up what is going to help the beer in the long haul, he’s garnered a well-earned reputation. And to be able to do this at an James Beard award-winning restaurant was beyond special.

Anyways, I let some photo do way more justice to these two craft geniuses than I ever could. Mmmmm, makes me hungry…

Aged Beer Food Pairings

The menu

Aged Beer Food Pairing

Pork belly paired with Michael, a Flander’s Red Ale

Beer and Food Pairing

Escargo and Carpaccio Salad paired with super fresh Blue Dot, an IPA

Cellared Beer

The Hair of the Dog Lineup

Le Pigeon Chef at Beer Dinner

Gabriel Rucker

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