May 15, 2016

The Beer Geek Handbook Finally Released

At long, long last, The Beer Geek Handbook is finally out in circulation. My illustrious editor at Storey, Margaret Sutherland first came up with the idea for this book after revisiting the 80’s classic The Preppy Handbook, and I have to say it was a pretty fantastic idea. A tongue-in-cheek look at a lifestyle that revolves around all things beery. It was a lot of fun to write and quite a departure from the fairly-technical nature of Vintage Beer.  If your beer store employees ask your advice on beer, don’t think it odd to use the word horsesweat to describe a beer, or know the difference between and FFF this is the book all about you.

By Patrick Dawson

By Patrick Dawson


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September 25, 2015

What The Funk – 2015 Pour List

What The Funk Pour List #4 What The Funk Pour List #3 What The Funk Pour List #2 What The Funk Pour List #1

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May 8, 2015

Beer Review: Sleeping Warrior Barleywine from Isle of Arran Brewery

The folks at Isle of Arran were kind enough to send over a sample bottle of their barleywine, Sleeping Warrior. At 8.3% ABV, it’s on the low side of alcohol spectrum for the style, especially for what us Americans are used to.

330 ml bottle. No date. Prob about a year old?

App: Garnet with beige head. Good retention with clinging Belgian lace

Aroma: Raisins, nougat, a fruity apricot fusel presence. Reminds me of a slightly aged Westy 12.

Taste: Quite bitter. Malt presence is somewhat restrained, but comes forward in a fig newton biscuity way. Alcohol presence is still a bit astringent at this phase.

Mouthfeel. Medium fullness, though a bit low for the style. Medium low carbonation. Warming alcohol presence.

Overall: Enjoyable. However, a bit conflicted on its cellar potential. The alcohol presence will mellow and add some complementary aldehydes (sweet), and the hop bitterness will fade to come more in line with the overall profile, but the low residual sugars area bit worrisome as the beer will only get thinner. The fruitiness of the nose, pushes me to say it’d be worthwhile.

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January 28, 2015

Interesting Tidbits from Goose Island Barrel Warehouse Visit

While out in Chicago, I got to meet up with Eric Ponce, the Grand Poobah of the Barrel Program at Goose Island. For those of you who have not yet heard of Eric, you probably know of his work. Besides being responsible for the latest wave of barrels aged projects from GI, he has also worked at Alaskan Brewing, Crooked Stave, and Lost Abbey, where he played a big part in the Ultimate Box Set.

I was meeting with Eric to get some input on a barrel blending piece I’m working on for All About Beer, and thought I’d share a few interesting notes on some of their upcoming projects:

+Bourbon County Brand Stout  has been put in bourbon barrels that were used to age maple syrup. Before you totally lose it though, here some’s more deets:

*They only have three barrels, all from the same maple syrup company, but all different types of bourbons

*They’re unsure how this is going to turn out, this being the first time they’ve used these barrels, so he didn’t commit to there being a BCBS Maple. Said if it didn’t meet expectations, they might use it to blend into something else to add complexity

*If they do end up serving it “as is” it will probably just end up in kegs to be served at select events, since 3 barrels is not enough to make up a bottled variant.

+They’ve got quite a few sherry and port barrels filled with Bourbon County Brand Stout. The plan is for a Bourbon County Brand Sherry variant in the near future

+They’re working on a Rare Part Duex. For those of you who don’t recall, the first (and only) batch of Bourbon Country Brand Rare was their classic stout aged in 23 year old Pappy Van Winkle barrels. It was released back in 2010. This second batch actually manages to top that by using a combination of 32 year old (!) freshly-emptied Heaven Hill barrels. Yeah, I think my jaw is still on the floor.

+The warehouse is beyond gigantic and they’re doing their best to fill it. Instead of a once-a-year brew they’re now brewing it about 6 months a year, filling roughly 120 barrels every two weeks. Great news for us BCBS lovers. And while not yet, sometime in the semi-near future the warehouse will be open to the public for tours. I can tell you right now it’s one of the most delicious smelling places I’ve ever encountered.

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October 26, 2014

Vintage Beer Dinner w/ Dr Bill and Adam Avery!

Super stoked to announce that I’ll be co-hosting a vintage beer dinner at the Stone World Bistro (Liberty Station) on November 12 during the San Diego Beer Week! They just put out the menu and it’s nothing short of epic:

First Course
Fried Oyster with celery root remoulade and chives
paired with
Stone 07.07.07 Vertical Epic Ale | 2011 Avery/Russian River Collaboration not Litigation Ale

Second Course
Seared Diver Scallop with black trumpet mushroom purée, mustard greens and mustard seed oil
paired with
2006 Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine | 2008 Avery The Reverend Belgian-Style Quadrupel Ale

Third Course
Mole-Braised Pork Cheeks with charred baby root vegetables and pickled radish
paired with
Stone 12.12.12 Vertical Epic Ale | 2010 Avery The Czar Imperial Stout

Fourth Course
Crispy-Skin Sea Bass with roasted fingerling potatoes and chorizo-Pernot broth
paired with
Matt’s Burning Rosids Imperial Cherrywood-Smoked Saison | 2004 Avery The Beast Grand Cru Ale

Fifth Course
Stone Coffee Milk Stout Chocolate Cake with almond-milk anglaise and Marcona almond brittle
paired with
Stone 11.11.11 Vertical Epic Ale | 2008 Avery Samael’s Oak-aged Ale

Hope to see some of you out there. Click here to purchase tickets

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